Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - Crazy Love!

So, we went to "our" beach last month for a week and I had no internet!  Ackk!

I had my phone and could answer emails but that was about it...

which freed me up for other things...  like reading!

Between the hubby and the kids and the dogs and the crazy cat and my advocacy, I literally fall into bed at night - WAY to late!

So, without the computer or the house cleaning or the cooking (thank you Mom) or the yard work, or, or, or...  I was able to read!

I had heard about a book, a really good book, a very moving book and a very thin book!  Hehe!

A book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan

I had seen a video clip of Francis Chan, this video clip

and it really intrigued me and motivated me and scared me.

Then I began to hear about this book again and again from other bloggers and friends.  I had heard first hand from an old friend of mine how it had caused her family to rethink their lives to live more for the Lord!  They were actually doing something about it - because of this book!

Wow!  Now I really had to read this book and wouldn't ya know it, we were just getting ready for our week at the beach, our week with no computer or cooking (thank you Mom) or house cleaning or yard work!

Funny how that worked out, huh??

So, I got the book and I read it and I have very mixed emotions about it. 

On one hand, I loved it!

On the other hand, it really scared me!

I thought I was living a Godly life.  I mean I made sure we were at Church every most Sundays, we love God and each other, we don't lie, cheat or steal, we love our neighbors as ourselves (most of the time) and we have had our hearts moved (thank you Lord) for the orphans in China and around the world.  Heck, I even started an advocacy website for these precious kiddos - me - the computer illiterate person who drives hubby crazy with my endless pleas of HELP when my computer just doesn't do what I think it should do - me who 3 years ago was struggling with simply answering an email!  I still laugh at how the Lord chose to use me for these beautiful children! 

He definitely stretched me far beyond what I ever thought possible, so I'm good right Lord?  That was what I was asking - until I read this book!

This book challenged me and the way that I looked at my life and how I was living (or not) for God! 

I am praying a lot about this now and asking that He guide me and help me to be on fire for Him.  I don't know just how He will change me or my life but I am excited to see! 

If any of you all have read Crazy Love, I would love to hear your thoughts and how or if  it has changed you.

Got any other thin good reads!  Would love to hear about them too!

I know this is Sunday Snapshot, so I will leave you with these 2 pics that I took just the other day (with my phone - sorry for the quality)

This is how I want to live for Him!  A great big leap of faith:):)

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  1. Okay, So you just summed up EXACTLY how I felt while reading Crazy Love! Scared me, inspired me, encouraged me, etc. etc. Whoa!
    Love the jumping pics! So much fun!!!

  2. Think you could loan it out? I think I might have some time on my hands as we fly around the world for our son... Sounds like a productive use of an extra 20 hours! (That, and thank you cards). Angie

  3. I read the book with my 11th grade CORE girls last fall. WE liked the book a lot...while reading it, my family was in the process of adopting our daughter Jolie...

  4. I've got to get that book! Thanks for sharing it! Sounds wonderful!

    Have a great week!

  5. Oh my friend! I'm soooo excited for you! We LOVED CRAZY LOVE! Now you gotta read his next one Forgotten God and I could send you a slew more when you are ready.

    As for it changing my life....mmmm...not necessarily his book, but absolutely the Lord has changed my life! :)

  6. The Myth of the Christian Religion by Gregory Boyd is also an eye-opener. I highly recommend it. I, too, thought I was "good enough", but I learned through a Bible-believing church that no one is "good enough". I have had a radical change of thinking.

  7. Read the book on my way to China to get our son Gideon! Amazing, Terrific, Awesome and Inspiring book! Highly recommended. It made me want to do more for the Lord in many ways.

  8. Love the pics and love the message...

    I'm with you- read part of the book- thought I was doing all that I could... after your blog post I am thinking I need to read it again and this time finish it!

    Honestly- I just fall to my knees and profess my love for HIM!

  9. Amen! Enough isn't enough! Christ gave his life for me - I haven't given close to that! Love your giant leap of faith photos.

  10. I read Crazy Love. It has caused me to continue to seek God in how He wants to use me. I constantly fail, But God continues to pick me up. I just read The Hole in our Gospel by Richard Stearns. He is the president of World Vision. This book is so amazing and a MUST read. It has really opened my eyes. It is around 300 pages, but worth every minute I spent. It was hard to put down and do what I needed to do. I hope you read this book.

  11. We love Crazy Love.

    Along the same lines and maybe even more hard hitting is "Radical" by David Platt. It really is a must read!!! Our whole family read it out loud.

    Love Lizzie's hair by the way.