Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Well, I was so lame for the 4th of July!  I didn't take any pictures.  I didn't even take my camera!  We went to my Mom's and swam and played and ate and just had fun but no fireworks or sparklers or even fireflys! 

Where have all the fireflys gone, anyway???  One of my fondest childhood/summertime memories is poking holes in the top of big jars and collecting fireflys in the backyard.  I don't know that my kids have even ever seen a firefly!  We just don't have them here anymore! 

Tree frogs, yep, lizards, yep, even gators, yep, but no fireflys.  The frogs and the lizards are fun to catch but they just don't light up and  I definitely don't think i have a jar big enough for the gators around here!!  Hehe!

Anyway, the 4th!  Yep, I was a bad bloggy momma and just plain forgot my camera but...

As soon as I got back there were two emails in my inbox that caught my attention and I am here again asking for some help.

Most of you all know that I advocate for waiting children here, Wonderful Waiting Kids, but my heart is also with all those animals who are abused and abandoned and end up in shelters, most of whom never leave. 

Heck, that's how we ended up with 4 doggies, one foster puppy and one crazy cat!

So, this first email absolutely broke my heart and the saddest part is, I get emails like this all the time, but this one really got to me.

It was about a sweet little pup that has since been named "Freedom." 

This is the email that broke my heart about sweet Freedom:

We received this little guy yesterday. He was hanging 4 ft off the ground by one leg (in barbwire). He was there at least 2-3 days in the heat, without food or water.

There were witnesses that said they heard a puppy screaming for a couple of days but nobody done anything about it until yesterday.

He weighs only 15 lbs. He was covered in TICKS and fleas. He has sores all over him. He was so weak when he came in he couldn't even hold his head up. We are babying him to the fullest. He is around 7-9 months old, Hound mix.

This poor thing has NOT had a good start at life. We are taking any donations to help this little guy. IF anyone would like to forward this email to others, that would be great. This baby is going to need a lot of help to get through this.

If you can help, please contact Betty at Four Paws and a Plan, 864-833-2487 or

I have already called to ask to be able to foster this poor baby and show him that all humans aren't monsters but he has a long way to go and right now is no where near ready to be fostered.  Right now, they just need donations for his medical care - as he will need a great deal of medical care.  Sigh!!

The very next email I opened was another that really tugged at my heart, especially on the 4th of July! 
Did you know that dogs have been used by the US military ever since 1943 and that there was even a dog involved in the operation in which Osama bin Laden? 
Here are some facts about Military Service Dogs:
1943–1945: The United States Marine Corps used dogs, donated by their American owners, in the Pacific theater to help take islands back from Japanese occupying forces. During this period the Doberman Pinscher became the official dog of the U.S.M.C.; however, all breeds of dogs were eligible to train to be "war dogs of the Pacific". Of the 549 dogs that returned from the war, only 4 could not be detrained and returned to civilian life. Many of the dogs went home with their handlers from the war.

1966–1973: Approximately 5,000 US war dogs served in the Vietnam War (the US Army did not retain records prior to 1968); about 10,000 US servicemen served as dog-handlers during the war, and the K9 units are estimated to have saved over 10,000 human lives. 232 military working dogs and 295 US servicemen working as dog handlers were killed in action during the war. It is estimated that about 200 Vietnam War dogs survived the war to be assigned at other US bases outside the US. The remaining canines were euthanized or left behind.

2011: United States Navy SEALs used a Belgian Malinois war dog named Cairo in Operation Neptune Spear, in which Osama bin Laden was killed.
These wonderful dogs many times give their lives for their handlers and ultimately for our country.

The email I got on this year's 4th of July asked for help for just a few of these beautiful dogs. 
Enya is a female German Shepherd Dog, Red & Black 4 years old and currently in Afghanistan
Gypsy is a female Belgium Malinois, Brown & Black 5 years old and currently in Afghanistan
Carlos is a male Labrador Retriever, White 7 years old and currently in Afghanistan
All three of these wonderful service dogs now needs a family, a very special family. 
All three of these service dogs requires a single handler and no other dogs in the home and are currently in

If you are interested in adopting one of these noble service dogs, please contact Linda with K9 Rescue of VA @ 804-306-1540.

If you or someone you know can return the favor to these beautiful animals, please pass this along!

Thank you also to all the amazing men and women who faithfully serve our country!  The next time you see a soldier, please go up to him or her, shake their hand and thank them for their service!!!

Happy belated 4th of July!!!

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  1. Oh, my goodness! My heart is breaking!!!! On a happier note, I know where all your fireflies are! They are here at our house! Our kiddos collected a ton when we were celebrating the 4th. If you are ever in the area, we would be happy to have your family help us collect them. :)

  2. Oh my! That poor puppy!!! Ya know, come to think of it, we're not overrun with fireflies either and there are usually tons! Hadn't thought of that this summer! :) I remembered my camera on the 4th but didn't want to walk back to the van in the get it. :P Ha, ha! So no pics for us either! :)

  3. Hi Annie! Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile, I have been so busy this past couple of months. This is such a sweet post. We just adopted the sweetest beagle/hound mix from a pet rescue and she is so wonderful with our kids. I'm glad you have heart for God's precious pups too!

  4. What amazing facts about the service dogs! It was great to hear those statistics. My dad was in Vietnam and was stationed right next to the service dogs area. He said it was incredible to see the bond between them and their handlers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. my kiddos are out chasin' "lightening bugs" every night - we still have tons of them in IL!

  6. I have lots of memories of catching lightning bugs too! We don't have them so much here anymore, but when we go to AL, they still have lots of them!

    Hope those precious dogs find families too!


  7. Love this post. My daughter would love to use some of her birthday $ to help out with Freedom, we will email Betty right away. Thanks for advocating for the furry ones. We curently have 1 shelter dog that does not get along with other canines and 7 cats that were various types of rescues. We would love to have another dog, but can't unfortunately. What noble creatures those military dogs are, they are so beautiful.

  8. Tammy is right, we have tons of lightening bugs! I can not see how people can be so mean to another living thing! That poor puppy. I am so glad that the little one is with you for now.
    Thank you for your kind heart.-Joy