Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Almost Home!

The day started with our Consulate Appointment and ended with the Pearl River Cruise, with swimming in between!

What a good day!

Just a few power struggles from Miss Maggie but overall a good day!

Have I mentioned how much the girls love to swim???

Well, they do!
Armed with life jackets and inner-tubes (not to mention a really good big brother to entertain them), they are GTG and we can kick back and relax for a few! 

I just love listening to them talk to each other and to other kiddos.

Don't have a clue what they are saying but it is just too cute!
Lucy may have to be careful though when her English starts kicking in as she likes to fuss at her sister in Chinese.
Right now, I have no clue what she is saying but when that fuss turns into English!
Watch out!
Momma will then be able to understand!

This morning for example, Maggie was refusing to put on her shorts and Lucy proceeded to fuss at her sister in Chinese.

I heard "Maggie" and "Momma" and that was all I could understand.

Next thing I knew, Maggie was putting on her shorts!

After swimming, we all got ready for the Pearl River Cruise.

We had done this last time with Lizzie but thought the girls and Caleb would enjoy it...

and they did.
As we were leaving, Hubby put Lucy on his shoulders where her dress got all tangled up and hiked up.
Dear sweet Hubby very innocently (yeah right) said to Lucy, "you are showing your hiney."

Well, little Miss Lucy decided that she would just make that into a song to entertain the masses!

So as Hubby carried her back to the van on his shoulders, she was singing, "you can see my hiney, you can see my hiney" over and over again as she hit random Chinese people on the head with her foot long balloon!

Yep, she is a hoot!

Just a little side note about Miss Maggie...

As much trouble as she is giving us right now, she told both Hubby and myself that she loved us today!

Thank you Lord!

We are almost home!

Our flight leaves tomorrow night and we arrive Thursday morning!

Prayers for our flight please!

Between hiney girl and little Miss "No", it should be a fun ride home!


  1. Oh my goodness, those girls are fitting right into your family! Love that you're hearing I love you already! And those photos are precious. Praying for a safe and speedy trip home for all!

  2. Annie, praying that all goes well with your flights! What a joy to see your other children! I have loved following your adventure!

  3. I'm laughing!!! that little toot! :) Love you all and I'll be praying for your safe and happy return home.

  4. Are these two perfect Hamlins, or what??!! They love to swim and they are spunky. When they get home, they will not miss a beat. Praying for your flight.....hopefully they will sleep. And kudos to big brother, Caleb. What a precious, tender child !

  5. Blessings on your last day and may your flight be non eventful... full of sleep and eating. :) I know it will be more than good to be home! Blessings and love! PS... adore those two girls!

  6. I am so enjoying hearing all about your adventures and sweet family. Safe and happy travels across the world to home!

  7. I have a feeling the flight home is just the beginning of an awesome adventure!

  8. Little Maggie is high-spirited and is transparent with her emotions. Little Lucy is reserved but has a delightful sense of humor. What a wonderful complement to each other. Looking forward to further exciting adventures with the new "improved" Hamlin clan. Mercy travels back to the U.S.

  9. So thankful you are almost HOME! Praising GOD!

    Miss Maggie will come around once she is home! She will be glorious! What a survivor she is!!
    AND dear Lucy sounds like a hoot! Can't wait until they speak English!