Monday, August 19, 2013

Just a Few Glimpes of the Day

Miss Maggie came to us smiling and laughing

and really has not stopped.

She and Lucy are getting along for the most part but what's Lucy's is Lucy's and you do not cross that line and Maggie sometimes likes to.


Maggie has helped to draw Lucy out a bit and we are seeing behavior more "normal" for her age.
When we met Maggie, she immediately noticed my cross necklace.
She pointed at it and started saying something (in Chinese) to me about it.
Our guide was not there so I never knew what she was saying but...
after we got back to the hotel, Maggie said that she wanted fried chicken and that she ate at 6:00 sharp (hehe). 
 So Chris went and got KFC and brought it back to the room - yes there is a KFC right around the corner which makes Caleb very happy!  I have eaten more french fries on this trip than I have all year at home!
 Well, we were all so tired that we just started to eat - when Maggie pointed to my cross and folded her hands!!! She was reminding us to say the blessing!!!!!!! 
Praise the Lord!!!! 
So, we stopped and said the blessing! 
Chris could barely get through it and had to stop a few times as his emotions just overcame him! 
That is what this entire trip has been like...
emotions (good and bad) too big to contain.
Witnessing the difference in care that Maggie had compared to Lucy is something that I don't think Hubby and I will ever recover from.

I pray Lucy will but I don't know that we will.

On the lighter side...

Maggie says she loves dogs but does not like cats.

No worries though...

Lucy spoke up and said that Maggie could pet the dogs and she would pet the cat, cause she likes cats!

Maggie says she wants to go to school!

She says that she was in the 3rd grade, getting ready to go to the 4th grade and that she can read.


She also says that she is 10 years old, not 9 and that her birthday is in November, not December.

Yep, we have some things to figure out cause I am not putting her in a class with great big 4th graders!

No way, no how!

I don't think she can be mainstreamed yet but I am hopeful that she will eventually be able to be.

She likes school and I don't think I will be able to keep her home for as long as I wanted to.

Maggie likes to talk and talks so much that she does not eat like her sister Lucy!

I just wish I knew what she was trying to tell me cause she just talks and talks and talks!

I love hearing Maggie and Lucy talking to each other when we are not in the room.

Again, just wish I knew what they were saying!

Maggie decided that she wanted to be called Maggie - not her Chinese name and as soon as Lucy heard this, she decided that she wanted to be called Lucy and not her Chinese name as well!

These girls are so brave and so courageous and we are so blessed.

As I have told my sweet friends who have been checking on us...

Their needs are great, greater than we expected but our Lord is greater still and we know that He will equip us for the long road ahead.

Please continue to pray for our precious girls and for our time here and esp for our flight on Friday to GZ and our flight home.

Lucy has a hard time getting around and Maggie has a hard time sitting still.

They are both loud!

Sweet Jenni, your Chinese DVDs are gonna be a lifesaver!

Thank you!

Oh and found out today that they both like ice cream - more on that later!


  1. Oh Annie, we have so much to share together in GZ!!! Our girls are so similar!!! I NEED you!!!

  2. She is just precious, Annie! And from a Jackson perspective, she talks a normal amount and is not that loud, haha!! Can't wait till you get to GZ and meet up with "Sally-Girl" and others - the fellowship is so encouraging. We will pray for your flight and navigating the airport - it's the last big event before the oasis of GZ. Maggie is so stinkin' cute! That girl is going places - she seemed to take charge right away, haha! Tell Caleb "hi" from the Jackson girls, and know we are praying. :)

  3. Oooooh! Congrats! You have 2 super precious girls there! And about that ice cream.....remember Julia's obsession with it? She licked the carton! You can never go wrong with ice cream!

  4. Wow , I'm so happy for your family!!We serve an awesome God! Aubrey had a hard time walking and getting around in China but is doing great since she's home. They will both improve so much when you guy's get home and they get in there therapy. They are both beautiful and seem to be doing great! I know they will do wonderfully with the perfect family God has blessed them with. They both remind me of my Aubrey !Sooo sweet and always smiling!Prayers for safe travels to GZ and home!Have a wonderful rest of your trip! Love and Blessings the Lumpkins Family!

  5. Wow! What amazing daughters you have! Cannot wait to get to know them even more. :) Congratulations! You are all in our prayers!

  6. Beautiful girls! Love her dress she came in.

  7. Absolutely amazing !! Annie, it just touches my heart so deeply to see how happy the girls were to see ur family. In 1st video, Maggie walked around the room and said "I love my mom and dad"; in 2nd video, she was saying "cross, cross... another sister also has the cross around her neck" when she was touching ur cross.

    God is amazing to save these two girls. He is indeed the father of the fatherless.

    Thank you for your family. - A Chinese Christian living in Australia

  8. Beautiful Annie! Praying for a smooth transition, He is faithful and He is able!!!

  9. Hugs all around:)
    Congrats, it will all work out! Just beautiful, 2 more reflections of your heart! God keep you always!

  10. So glad there are MORE photos! Seems Maggie may have been fostered in a Christian home? She points to her heart to signify Jesus is living in her heart. And asking to say grace before the meal - makes me tear up. Both girls are beautiful. Caleb is such a gentle and patient brother. Looking forward to your next post with eager anticipation. Jennie

  11. Maggie's voice is just precious!! I love Caleb showing Lucy what is going on with Maggie meeting you for the first time :) I remember so well how there is just so much to take in and absorb as the mom in quite literally a whole new world - I can only imagine how our kids feel when they land at the airport :) I pray the videos are a blessing to you - you are a blessing to me - you were instrumental in bringing Luke to us!! I will continue to be praying for the Lord to bless your time in CHina! For the Lord to ease your pain as you miss home and the rest of your kids!! Love to you!!! I'm thrilled for you all!!!

  12. I am just so thrilled for you!!! FINALLY both your babies are in your arms... forever!!!!

  13. God bless you all. So very precious. Many prayers for you all Annie and much love too!

  14. Aww, I LOVED hearing about these sweet girls!! Precious, precious, precious!! I know it's no easy road ahead of you and your husband. We will pray for peace, for strength, for wisdom to flood you both. We will pray for these two sweet girls, that they will grow into strong women for the Lord. I'm so thankful that you heard God's call and you went. You obeyed. Praising God for your family!!
    -Beka =)

  15. Each post makes me want to cry, but for joy not sadness (well a little). So happy all is going so well! Praying for the rest of your journey.