Monday, August 26, 2013

Good Day and Not so Good Day

We started out at the toy market today and that was so much fun!

The girls did great and the highlight of the day was when we picked out a cross for Caleb.
Maggie was SO excited and wanted one SO badly.

Now, I have 2 beautiful crosses waiting for them at home but she just had to have that cross and we were not going to say no.

She knows the Lord and we are so thankful!

However, it slowly deteriorated from there.

We went to Shamian Island and Maggie started on a downhill spiral.
Please continue to pray for her transition.

I was not able to take too many pics today and am really tired but will leave you with a snipet from our trip to Maggie's foster care center and her wonderful classroom.

What a glimpse of hope this special place is!

It was hard to watch as Lucy took in all that she had not had.

Praying for both of our sweet girls!

Consulate tomorrow!



  1. You are getting near the end of your trip! You must be so ready to come home. Praying for your girls and all of you through the transition.

  2. Continuing in prayer Annie....we understand!! Best of all God does more than we ever can!! He IS faithful!! May He wrap you in His peace comfort strength and wisdom to day and the days ahead!!
    Love from IN....
    LaurelLee Skiles

  3. Praying for all of you! Hang in there! Love you!

  4. Yay for CA! What a beautiful video, there are times that I wish we got to visit our little ones orphanage, but I have pictures from a missionary group. God Bless all of you.

  5. Our kids adoptions are intertwined with blessings and sorrow. It is tough to reconcile them at times, but God is continuing to orchestrate the story of their lives. In the hard days, look at Lizzie and remember her early days/months. Joy will come in the morning! Praying for your physical and emotional strength. I know what this trip can do to the heart. Your girls are amazing Annie and I can't wait to meet them in person! Safe travels home!