Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ice Cream

So yesterday while we were out and about, the girls saw ice cream

and decided that they wanted some

and we were so glad we said yes!

Maggie decided that Lucy needed a taste of hers and Lucy thought that was just very funny!

Their personalities are starting to show and as you can tell

Maggie just enjoys life no matter the consequences.

She was all about that ice cream and did not care if she had it from head to toe!

Lucy on the other hand was eating her ice cream out over her lap so that if any were to spill

it would not spill on her!


They also decided that they wanted to sit next to each other on the bus!

It didn't last too long but hey...

I will take it!

Headed to the orphanage and foster care center tomorrow so I expect another emotional day.

I will leave you with this these pics from today.

Another amusement park

The girls had a blast as did Caleb.

Other than the difficulty we are having getting around with these 2, it was a good day!


  1. Such wonderful photos! Love how the ice cream brought out their personalities. What an amazing time you are having. Praying for all of you on this journey. Hard to believe we were in China ourselves two years ago today.

  2. Been stalking your blog all day - glad to hear that all is well. :) The girls are darling!

  3. I adore this post! Such wonderful photos of your beautiful girls and their awesome big brother! It seems like just yesterday you were advocating for Maggie in the green shirt. Now look at her! They both look so happy, and I love reading about their different personalities.

  4. I love watching the journey, and I'm praying for you all :)

  5. Love the photos and seeing the girls!

  6. I LOVE seeing their personalities too! Every time I think of Lucy and Evie together I cry. How was the hospital visit??? Praying for you all!!!

  7. I think this has to be my favorite post of all time! The expressions of your darling daughters faces puts such beauty in international adoption. Very emotional.


  8. The photos say it all!
    Such happiness ... such joy ... such love!
    Two very lucky little girls - and one very lucky family.
    This makes me so happy!


  9. I love Lucy's smile in that one closer pic! Both girls are so pretty!! I cannot wait to meet them! And I am so blessed by your little man Caleb. He looks to be an amazing brother and helper!

  10. these photos bring me tears of joy!!! Oh LOOK what GOD HAS DONE!!!! He has rewarded your act of faith and obedience! And, now you get to be the family of these beautiful treasures!!!! Praying for their little hearts....I know the adjustment is not always easy and smiles. But, it is the picture of redemption!! (((hugs)))