Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Blog Hop

I decided to participate in a Blog Hop entitled, "why you should read my blog!" Even though I am not really,exactly sure why you should read my blog, I thought it might be fun to explore the topic!! First off, I do have to be honest and say that we don't do a whole lot of dangerous or exciting things like wrestling alligators (although after wrangling 2 three year old little girls at bedtime every night - it kind of feels like wresting alligators). We don't live the jet set life style or offer up much in the way of thought provoking intellectual ponderances. We do, however, have 5 beautiful, God given, children (4 bio and one adopted from China) 3 dogs and one very brave (or really insane)cat and lots of love and laughter!! We do like to ponder on life with 5 kids and how adoption has changed us all and made our hearts fuller, as well as some of the challenges that comes with life with 5 kids and adoption!! We do like to advocate for those children who still wait and hope that our small effort might make a difference to one of them! So, I am still not quite sure why you should read my blog but hope that you do!! Maybe one of these days you will read about a waiting child and who knows, you might be the difference!!
MckLinky Blog Hop

Special thanks to Purell Hand Sanitizer for sponsoring this blog hop.

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  1. Greetings from Wisconsin.
    Found your blog on the blog hop and enjoyed looking around. You have a sweet family. How blessed you are.