Sunday, September 13, 2009

Soccer 2009!!

Well our 2009 Fall Soccer Season has begun and the boys did great!! This is a brand new club that hubby was asked to help start by a friend of ours. It was started to help target kids that might not have a chance to play for the other (more expensive leagues) in town and has grown to include some other wonderful outreach type programs as well. We have teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club and with our local Special Olympics! WooHoo!! We also plan to initiate a mentoring program so the older kids can help coach the younger ones!! My boys will love this and are already talking about what age they want to work with - so cute! Anyway, our first game was a total victory (lost count of our goals) - way to go U10's and our second game was a victory at 4 to 1 - way to go U12's!!! We went to Mom's house afterward for some swimming (and of course candy) because our second game was in the town where I grew up!! NICE!! I took some more shots of Mom's yard because, well, It would just be criminal NOT to!! I don't know why I did not inherit her green thumb, although I will say that it was more green pre - first kid!!!! Who knows, maybe I can reclaim my green thumb inheritance apre-kids!!! When will that be again????

Here are some shots from Mom's yard and the after effects of the first game of the season!!

Mom's beautiful flowers!

Now for the after effects of playing from 8:30 until 1:30 in 90 degree, hot sun heat!!! Oh and let's not forget swimming and playing bad mitten and horseshoes!!

The first injury of the season and she wasn't even playing soccer!!! Weird, huh??

The after effects obviously didn't hit Lizzie until today, when she fell asleep in her high chair!! First time ever!!

It was a good day with (gulp) many more to come!!!

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  1. That sounds like such a wonderful soccer club! And successful too from the look of the kids in the car! :)