Sunday, September 6, 2009

Student Council

Lookey who got nominated to serve as a Student Council Representative for the 6th grade!!! Christian came home the other day and just casually said that 6th graders could run for student council and that he had brought home an application - oh yeah!!! Both Hubby and I jumped on that and immediately said that we thought he ought to run. He filled out the application and promised to turn it in. Well, the little stinker waited until the very last day but finally turned it in and sure enough, he got nominated!! He was so excited as were we and so very proud!! Christian is a hard working, dedicated, responsible young man and he has very much earned this recognition. We know he will serve his 6th grad class and his school well!! When I spoke to one of his teachers about it, she was very excited and told me that every teacher they had spoken with about Christian was thrilled that he wanted to run and said, "YES!! Get him on student council!!" Did I already say how proud we are of him?? Way to go, sweetie!! We love you!!!

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  1. Way to go Christian!!! I am so proud of my godson. What a wonderful student and big bro! I'm sending a hug your way.
    Love, Betsy