Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good first day at school and how I spent my "me" time!!

So the girls had a great first day!! They had fun and made pictures and played on the playground!! Can ya think of a better day??? They really didn't seem to miss me at all or so I thought!! Lizzie has begun to express herself more lately (thank you speech therapy) and has begun to put her feelings into words and it has been amazing and sometimes heartbreaking. That will be a post of it's own later!! Anyway, as I walked into Lizzie's classroom, she spotted me and bolted into my arms. I picked her up and she just hugged my neck so tightly (she is very strong for such a little thing) and was laughing and telling me that she had had so much fun at school!! She kept her firm grip around my neck and then began to repeat my words to me, "Momma always comes back!!" "Momma always comes back!!" She then included some words of her own, "Momma stay me forever!!" "Momma never leaves me!!" No baby girl, Momma will never, ever leave you and will stay with you forever!!! She continued to hug me until, I think, she was satisfied that she had hugged me enough and we went to Em's classroom. They were on the playground so I think Em was a little annoyed that I had come to take her away from all the fun!! The girl likes playgrounds!!

The answer to what I did with my morning will follow these cute first day pics and video!!

As to what I did with my morning.... Did you know that 3 hours feels like it lasts about a nanosecond!!!!! I guess it does depend on what you happen to be doing. If you are stuck in traffic for 3 hours, then it would seem long. If you were stuck in traffic with 2 adorable 3 year olds who try to outdo each other from the backseat by trying to see who can say Mommie, Mommie, Mommie the most and the loudest, then, ok, it would seem like a lifetime!!! However, when you have 3 hours of blissful silence, we're talking nanoseconds, people!!!! Do I go have a great cup of coffee or window shop(thanks TM and Heather) or do I just have some alone time (thanks Monica) or do I go home and wash laundry and clean the house!! I could enjoy myself but get nothing done or could be practical and get a lot done!!! I ended up with kind of a combo of both!!

I relaxed with some yoga (quality alone time)

Took an uninterrupted shower (a Mommie dream)

Dryed my hair, because I actually got to wash my hair (see the afore mentioned uninterrupted shower)

Got some computer time (without the cries of "see, see, I want to see")

And did some laundry (the practical part)

and then in a flash, it was over!!! Oh well, at least there was no time for tears and I am already planning the agenda for Friday!! Hehe!!


  1. You know, I thought - when the Tongginator was in preschool - that I'd never be able to fill my days once she started all day kindergarten. But you figure it out. And it helps to volunteer in the classroom. I miss my girl, but the quiet is nice, too.

  2. you're too funny. Glad you got some "me" time to save your sanity for the long ride back from school with "MAHH-MEEEE" yelled as loudly as possible!

  3. Laurel and i used to sing a little made up song of our own when she was first off to day care,about a year old. We still sing it for fun
    "mommys always come back,mommys always come back,oh oh oh mommys always come back".Whats a sweet story Lizzy and school.
    mommys doooooooooo always come back