Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Now I really don't know if Cotillion is a Southern phenomenon or if it is done all over the country but it just seems so Southern! Maybe it's the young ladies in white gloves or the young gentlemen learning their manners while sipping on lemonade but it just conjures up a vision of the South to me. We had Cotillion when I was growing up but I guess because I was from a VERY small town, I remember it being more of a throw down and we definitely didn't wear white gloves!!! Hehe!! Thankfully my Mom is a true Southern lady and saved me from a life of complete etiquettelessness (like my new word). Not that I always practice what I was preached but my "Miss Manners" book is always there if I ever need it and of course, Mom is just a phone call away!! Anyway, our older two boys received an invitation to join Cotillion and because a couple of their friends were participating, we felt like it could be a good thing to do, so... They had their first Cotillion dance and etiquette lesson on Monday and, drum roll please, they had fun!!!! They were required to wear dress pants (which around here = khakis), a navy blazer, tie, dress shirt and shoes!! I really thought they would HATE having to dress up and I really HATED having to pay for all that stuff because my boys don't just have navy blazers hanging in their closets!! A wonderful friend of mine knew how tight money is for us right now and actually found a navy blazer at Goodwill for $4!!! Wow!! Thank you, Nicole! I decided to go back and found 2 pairs of pants and another navy blazer, all for a grand total of, another drum roll please, $10!!! Thank you Goodwill! I thought they looked VERY handsome and was oh so proud and a little sad that they looked so incredibly grown up!!

The girls wanted in on the act as well! Em NEVER wants me to take her pic so when she asked, momma's camera was whipped out in less time than it took for her to complete the request!!! Hehe!!!

Now to find out if this is strictly a Southern tradition or not! Anybody????


  1. They look so handsome! You better watch out, the girls are going to be after them. Not sure if the Cotillion is strictly Southern, but the one from your childhood sounds like a hoot!


  2. I have never heard of a cotillion except in the movies in the old days. It must be a southern thing. We are on the west coast.

    I think it's a great idea to teach and promote manners and etiquette.

  3. Ack! Horrific flashback! Ack! Horrific flashback! (And yes, I grew up in the south... mostly.)

  4. Handsome boys! And, yes, take it from a girl from the North.....strictly southern! Just noticed I missed the blog hop.

  5. Great pics, and great shopping, Mom!

  6. Midwesterner here! Definitely cotillions in Illinois (Chicago Suburbs) as well as a debutante ball...