Saturday, September 5, 2009

Charlie's Redemption Post

Charlie's class had to (already - ugh) complete a project. The topic was how something has changed over the decades. They were given a list of suggestions that included ideas such as cars, airplanes, hairstyles, etc. When my hubby saw the list he immediately picked the ones HE thought (hoped) Charlie would pick!! Cars and planes topped that list. Anyway, as my hubby drooled over the thought of helping his son research cars and planes, Charlie blew us away with HIS choice. This was a topic that he thought of all on his own. I even checked with his teacher to see if she might have suggested it in class, but sure enough our "not a care in the world" (except for the previous TV debacle) 9 year old came up with this topic all by himself. The topic was race relations and how they have changed over the decades. WOW!! REALLY??? The teacher thought that maybe we had suggested this topic to him and asked if I was surprised by his choice? All I could say was, "honestly, yes!!!" She then went on to say that she was not and to describe Charlie as a very quiet (HUH??), shy (again, HUH???), observant (OK, maybe), caring (OK, she got that one right) child. Now I begin to wonder if we are talking about the same kid!! At least now I know why he is bouncing off the walls the minute I pick him up from school. He has been saving it up ALL day!! He must be like a ticking time bomb set to explode with energy the minute his foot leaves school property!! He did work hard on his project and we are in awe at his level of awareness. I must admit that we do not agree with the President on, well, just about anything, but we DO agree that it is most definitely "not the color of your skin, but the content of your character!" It won't save him from his punishment for the TV debacle, but it sure did make us proud!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I was scrambling to take them as we walked out the door for school.

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