Friday, September 25, 2009

Cheap Entertainment

OK!! This has to be the best $2 I think I have ever spent!! I blew them up, turned 'em loose and sat down!! Yep, I actually got to sit down - at least until I HAD to go get the camera!!

I had to ask myself, why don't I just keep a never ending supply of these wonderful, cheap as dirt, "toys" around all the time??? Just look at their happy, joyous faces!! It was loud but did I mention that I actually got to sit down???

And then it happened....


turned into this

which precipitated this

which lead to a trip back to the store for more of these.

Oh well!! Question answered!!!


  1. Love Em's face---Do the boys play game stations? This entertainment is priceless.

  2. Is that lipgloss I see on little Em's lips? And sunglasses on her head? She's looking a lot like a tweener!