Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Some Random Friday Fun Stuff!

First of all, lookey what Em is thankful for...

Can I get a great big, AWWWWWW!!!! Thank you!!!

Next, this is what I was told yesterday by little Miss Em...

Momma when I grow up, I am gonna be a baby doctor and a momma and a firefighter and a police officer!!! Wow! she went on to tell me that she is gonna be a mommie and have a baby and live on a boat thiiiiiissssss big!!!! Wait just a minute here, has your father been talking to you again???? And then it was, "Momma, when will I growed up?" Way too soon sweet girl!!!

Next, it was Lizzie's turn.

She told me that she was gonna be a doctor, a doggie and a daddy!!! I think they must have been working on the letter "D" this week in school!!! Hehe!!

Lastly, I have a question for you. Can you guess what Lizzie requested (and ate) for breakfast this morning???

Really???? It was all I could say!!!


  1. If that's chili, she's a girl after my own heart. I could do the same thing! :-)

  2. I love it! (Not the meat for breakfast - um, ew - but the gratitude quotes.)