Monday, November 30, 2009

What we have been working on...

I know I have talked about how smart my Lizzie is. She knows her colors and can sing her ABC's and she is just 3 and just began learning English a little over a year ago!! WOW! It is incredible to me that this three year old who had hardly been spoken to for 2 years and could say only mamamama when we met her a year and a half ago, can now name all her colors and say her ABC's! She is amazing (I know I have mentioned that before)!!! The other day, Lizzie came up to me and told me that she wanted to color. As she was coloring, she told me that she wanted to write the first 2 letters in her name, "all by myself" (her fav phrase, along with "me do it"). I didn't pay much attention as this usually means a bunch of squiggly lines, very cute but still just squiggly lines. However, on this day, I looked and to my delight and utter shock, I saw an "L" and an "i"!! OK, back up the bus here!! When did you learn to do this?? The "i" even had a tiny circle above it for the dot!!! Wow! She, however, was not done with me!! Oh no, she (my little 3 year old) began to spell her name for me! It was the sweetest sound, "L-I-Z-Z-I-E, that spells ME!!!" How cute is that???? She was so very proud of herself and I was once again blown away by my littlest daughter's strength and courageousness and perseverance and just plain old smarts!!! Love ya lots my little L-I-Z-Z-I-E!!!

Of course Em had to keep up with baby sister so I thought up a little song to help her learn how to spell her name, which ain't easy for some adults much less a 3 year old! After a couple of trys, she got it!! I swear, between these 2, hubby and I are wwaayy outgunned!! Hehe!!


  1. Yep, those 2 are going to keep you on your toes!


  2. YAY!!!! Go Lizzie go! She is incredible and adorable as is her big sister. ;)

    ps-does Lizzie sing? Our little girl (2 1/2) from DG does not like me to sing to her (or anyone who can actually sing for that matter). She used to say "STOP" (sounds like NOP)as we sang. It's getting better lately. She loves listening to Veggietales and other kids music, but not singing one on one. She also does not ever try to sing. May have something to do with her delayed speech development? Just curious if anyone else saw this or if it is a personality trait of our own little sweetie?

  3. You know, Lizzie does like to sing but will tell us no or stop if we try to sing with her and she doesn't always like me singing to her, sometimes she likes it and sometimes not! I remember so clearly holding her on the plane coming home and singing to her and realizing that she had probably never been held and sung to like that before. She looked so curious and I just cried!! I remembered all the times that I had held and sung to my other kids and it just made me so sad for all that she had not had. Now, she will come to me and ask to be the "baby" and I will hold her and rock her but usually she doesn't want me to sing to her. Interesting. You might have something there!!