Monday, November 9, 2009

New Blog Hop!!

I am participating in a new blog hop, description below:

The Blog Hop theme for this Monday is "ASK A QUESTION". Ask your readers ANY question and invite them to leave a comment with their answer. ANY QUESTION. Examples: "What do you think would make my blog better?"; "What are you ideas for making Christmas less materialistic?"; "Can you give me ideas on how to lower our food budget and still eat healthy?"; "What's your favorite Bible verse and why?". This is a great way to interact with your blog visitors.

So my question relates to my previous post. How do other Mommas of adopted sweeties deal with temper tantrums????

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  1. I'm not a mother so I can't suggest anything for helping her learn to control her tantrums. But it sounds like you are doing a good job already. You're taking more than one approach and already seeing improvements, so the rest may just take time. Good luck!

  2. oh shoot - my comment was just lost in cyberspace!!

    Ok - lets try again. We are lucky in that Little T doesn't throw too many tantrums. When she does its because she's either very tired or very mad she didn't get her way (wait - isn't that what tantrums are all about??!! ) Anyway, when she does I usually crack up (I know - bad momma!) because its so funny! She'll throw herself down and say no! What I tell her is if she continues to throw a fit I'll put her on the couch in time out. This usually stops her or if it doesn't she'll get up and go into her room for a minute and then come out and say "sorry!".

    You are doing a great job - Lizzie is starting to understand that momma actually knows what she is talking about!


  3. Thanks Carla!!! Those are some sweet pics of Little T on your blog!!

  4. Annie, Totally missed the blog hop but would have liked to have joined and figured out how to do it. Unfortunately, I was asleep on Monday by 9:00 pm probably drooling away! I don't know if its the time change or what, but I just can't stay awake! Are you doing this every Monday? Smiles,

  5. I'm totally behind in my blog reading due the MIL visit, but this is a great question. What I've come to believe after five years parenting the Tongginator and watching other parents of strong-willed children... there is no right answer in how to deal with it, necessarily, but there ARE are few things everyone should do. Basically, one should not add fuel to the fire. In other words, be immediate (don't wait it out), be consistent (find what works and use it EVERY time) and remain as calm as possible (the most difficult one for me, by far). How does that look for you?