Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Snapshot

I have decided to participate in Stefanie's Sunday Snapshots over at Ni Hao Y'all. I am hoping that I can keep up every week and might need some encouragement. Hint Hint!! So join in, cause I would love to hear about your kids too!!

Ni Hao Y'all

I thought I would simply go from oldest to youngest because with age come privilege, right??

Twelve years ago this October, our sweet Christian was born. Little did we know how his little soul would change us forever and drastically alter the plans we had for our future. Before Christian, we knew we wanted kids but thought we would be good with 2 maybe 3 (at the most and that was only if we had 2 boys and wanted to try for a girl)! I remember the moment I looked into his beautiful eyes for the first time and thought, WOW this is so cool!!

When can I get pregnant again??? From day one, he captured our hearts and introduced us to the wonderful world of parenting! He threw up constantly (and still does - doesn't bode well for his college years) and cried a lot but from that first gassy smile on that first night in that hospital, he was our sweet baby boy and we were officially hooked!! As he grew, we noticed a definite streak of hardheadedness (a trait that was to be handed down to his siblings) which would later turn into more of a tendency toward perfectionism in certain areas of his life. He can be very hard on himself and DOES NOT like to fail. This, however, does not stop him from trying things and taking reasonable risks. He is a natural born athlete and is good at just about every sport that he has tried. His love right now is soccer and is he ever a soccer player!!

He takes a leadership role with his team and was team captain this year. He really enjoys playing and it shows.

Christian is also the best big brother. He is wonderful with his younger brothers and adores his sisters. He will often help without being asked and I can always count on him to just know when I need an extra hand. His sisters will often seek him out for comfort or help and his brothers have learned so much from just being around him.

He was so excited about Lizzie's adoption and has been her guardian and teacher and protective big brother from the start. There are times that Christian will come to me all excited about Lizzie's latest accomplishment, just beaming with joy for his littlest sister!!

Christian is kind hearted and compassionate with a huge heart.

He is my responsible child and we have often joked that he is going to have his hands full with his bother, Charlie!! Hehe!! He is my rule follower and the family "cop!" He is pretty handsome too (If I do say so myself)!!

He has a good sense of humour but is too reserved to show it too often. When he does, it is so great!!

Oh, and did I mention that he has a ton of hair!!! Why do the boys always get the good hair and long eyelashes???? Hehe!!

So, this is my sweet son, Christian.

Next week, the one and only, Charlie!!!


  1. OK,
    I 'm starting to tear up already! Don't know if I can make it though 4 more!
    Your hubby and dad of all these hoolingans!

  2. What a guy! I loved learning about Christian... he sounds like the perfect big brother :)
    And all I can say is "Amen!" to your comment about hair and eyelashes. Christian is a handsome little guy, inside and out!
    So glad you joined in this week, can't wait to learn more about all your kiddos!! :)

  3. From a grandmother's point of view, I would say you have
    described my firstborn grand perfectly!He is a joy----and he even
    will listen to some of my musings from the past!!!

  4. Sounds like the kind of big brother I always wished I had. (Oh, and I have lots of hair and long eyelashes. Those eyelashes are my one feminine feature. Heh.)

  5. What a handsome young man! And I love the name Christian. :)