Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pics and Percentiles

Wanted to share the boys' soccer pics and the girls' school pics, because, well, they are just too cute not to share! Just you wait until next season when I will have soccer pics of the girls to share! Hehe!! All 5 kids will be playing in the spring, yikes!! But wait, all 5 kids will be playing Flag Football starting in about a week!! Yeah, we are officially crazy but that's how we like it!!! Hehe!!

My handsome boys!!

Now for the girls' school pics and some exciting news!! Lizzie is now almost 26 pounds and 33 1/2 inches tall!!!!!!! This puts her in the (are you ready for this) 50% for weight on the Southern Chinese girl's growth chart, and (wait for it) the 25% for height!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a big, fat HALLELUJAH!!!! For those of you who have been with me for a while, you know the struggle we have had with our little Lizzie and food and how tiny she has been and how worried I have been about her growth. Yay for red rice, taco meat and cheese (the breakfast of champions), chicken nuggets and french fries, pizza, pediasure with carnation instant breakfast and dare I say, even junk food!! A year ago Lizzie was not even ON the Southern Chinese growth chart and this is the chart that plots the growth of the girls from Southern China because the Southern Chinese are typically smaller than the Northern Chinese. She should have been at least on this chart, but she wasn't!! I didn't even bother to plot her on the US charts because, well, that chart would have just laughed at her and I could not have that!!! Now, however, (drum roll please) she is in the 10th% for weight on the US chart and aallmmoosstt in the 5th% for height!!! So there US chart!!! Ha Ha!! Seriously, I am very relieved to see this kind of growth and am forever grateful to all the great advice I have received from the adoption community. Thank you! Now on to the cuteness!!

Can you pick out the difference in these 2 pics (above and below)? Hint, there must have been something on the scanner when hubby scanned one of them in the first time that looks kind of funny in a "boy humour" kind of way!!

And the pies ta resistance:

How cute is that????? We are blessed and very thankful this Thanksgiving!! Hope you all have a great one!!


  1. love the pics, too cute! The dresses are adorable too! And, oh my, handsome boys! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I loved the pics of the soccer cuties, and loved the pics of the girls and the news of Lizzie's growth! How come I hadn't heard about that

  3. That's great news about Lizzie's growth. And it looks like this year your family has a lot to be thankful for with such a great group of beautiful kids. Love, Monica