Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gift Idea

With this week's Sunday Snapshot about my Dad and the wonderful graduation gift idea over at TM's blog (seriously great blog), I started thinking about the Christmas gift that we gave my Mom this year. I have to admit that I saw this idea in an issue of Southern Living magazine and loved it, so not an original idea but still great and I wanted to pass it along!

Because this was Mom's first Christmas without My Dad, I wanted to give her something special. In the weeks after we lost Dad, my Mom and I found comfort in looking through old letters and pictures and such. We came across some postcards that Dad had sent to Mom on several of his fishing trips. There was one in particular that just sounded so much like my Dad. You see, he was a man of few words and wasn't particularly sentimental, preferring to show his love in his doing rather than his words.

This postcard simply said, "Dear June, Weather perfect. Fishing great. See you soon. Love Luke."

I decided to steal (I mean borrow) this one and have it blown up and framed as our Christmas gift to Mom!

Hubby took it to our local Kinkos and had it enlarged. He had to play with the color a bit but when it was done, it was wonderful.

Finances being the way they are for us right now, I just went to Target, bought a cheap frame and that was that!

My Mom loved it, especially after she re framed it!! Hehe!!

I also did the same thing with one of her parents wedding invitations!!! So cool!!

I just don't know how I will top it, this Christmas - and yes I am already stressing!!! Hehe!!!


  1. If you started now, maybe you could surround it with other significant things? Fishing Lures? Photo or Artists rendering of a family vacation spot? Yours and your Mom's (sibs?) wedding invites? It's brilliant, I tellya!

  2. I love that idea! And I think the short and to the point post card is sooooo sweet! LOVE IT!!!

  3. Oh, now THAT is lovely. Really. I'm filing that one away.

  4. It's a lovely, sentimental, meaningful gift that means more than perfume or a garment. It was heartfelt, and she knew it. Lovely idea