Friday, June 4, 2010

Soccer Mom

You know in my previous life, I used to mock those Mom's who felt it necessary to announce to the world that they were "Soccer Mom's."

I mean really, not only did they drive the dreaded minivan, but they proudly and without shame declared to the world through cute little soccer ball decals, that they were one of those minivan driving, Soccer Mom's!!!

"Have they no shame?" I would ask myself as I drove down the highway in my cool SUV with my "Please Spay and Neuter" bumper sticker thinking I was all that:) Hehe!!

Fast forward about 13 years and here I am, driving the dreaded mini van complete with our soccer club decal AND, tada.....

This really cool picture for my blog!!

I admit it.


  1. Now don't you feel better that you have all that out in the open? hee hee! :)

    Love those soccer pics....a bunch of cuties you have there!

    Have a great weekend, Annie!

  2. Good post! A whole bunch of the moms at the dance studio we go to have soccer decals for their other kids, and dance decals for their dancers. Love the pictures!

  3. With five in soccer, I'd say you are the Super Soccer Mom and all you need now is a cape and some tights!

  4. You're one of the best Soccer Moms I know! I actally enjoy the label myself. He he...