Friday, June 11, 2010

The Reason

The reason we celebrated our Lizzie Day, today instead of yesterday is because...

Lizzie has officially been with a family one day longer than she was without one!

We celebrate the countless blessings that she has brought to our family and I celebrate the "mission" she has brought to my life!

Now, we waited to celebrate today instead of yesterday but I made one big mistake...

I allowed Charlie to spend the night with a friend!! Can you tell which one is Charlie??? Sigh!!

Anyway after Charlie's nap in the car (heh), we arrived at Lizzie's restaurant of choice.

There was soda - a treat for our kids...

and pizza...

yummy pizza...

non-frozen pizza!!! YES!!!

and not a broccoli in sight!!! hehe!!

After dinner, it was time for a pick up truck ride to the pool,

for a night time swim!

It was a wonderful night and in the words of my sweet Lizzie May, "I am home now. I am happy now!"

Right back at ya, sweet girl!!


  1. Ur kids r so darn cute! Love the boys hair too. The look like such a fun bunch!!! Beautiful kids, Annie!!!

  2. I think Charlie is the one holding his mind in his hand. Sorry, Charlie.

    That pizza looks so good. I can't stand it.

    What a happy day to celebrate. I always wanted a sister to wear matching dress with.
    Y'all encourage me so much.