Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - Big Brothers - or HELP...

I have been "big brotherized!!!!"

The devious suspect and ...

his innocent victim!!

Then we have the cagey, seemingly helpful big brother who is more than willing to "help" his sister climb a tree...

and then leave her there!!!

The tricky one and...

his innocent victim!!

Now, don't get me wrong, having big bros definitely has it's advantages, like being allowed to watch Sponge Bob looooooong before they were...

while sneaking in some quality snuggle time,


learning the fine art of the dog pile!!!

Yep, those crafty big brothers!!

They can take something like this...

and turn it into this...

but, they are always around for things like this:

or this

or this

or this,

oh wait, I mean this,

or this,

or this.

Big Brothers - Gotta love 'em - and my girls sure do love theirs!

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Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Oh, my sister is SO going to steal this term when I tell her... big brotherized! I love it!

  2. Ah yes big brothers, we have many around here. Brothers can be so much fun, there is always something interesting going on and lots of activity with brothers!
    Adorable photos!

  3. Love the photos! Looks so much like what goes on in our crazy house too. Gotta love those big brothers!

  4. Loved your photo's! I have two boys 17 aned 14, and cannot wait to see them with their younger sister once she arrives!
    Kim Reichenbach

  5. oooh, I absolutely love your post. The two big brothers in our family are anxiously awaiting their new little sister. You really nailed the big brother little sister dynamic!! Thanks for the reminder:)

  6. Oh - those boys and their sisters are just darling together!!

  7. Love it! Best post ever about what it's like when you have boys AND girls! Those parents of single genders just don't get it!