Saturday, June 5, 2010

How can you tell it's summer????

Well, there is the obvious:

Courtesy of my Mom's beautiful yard.

You didn't really think those fab flowers grew in my yard now did you??? Tsk, Tsk!! You shall have to refer back to this post !!

Anyway, yes there is the obvious, but around here the best way to tell that summer has at last arrived is:

The wonderful summertime shower!!!

Who needs soap and shampoo when you have a garden hose!!!???

The girls love it

and not only does it get them clean...

but it apparently wears them out as well!!

Could you ask for anything more????

I LOVE summer!!!


  1. That was so cute! And the pics of them sleeping is SO Lizzie's arm around Em! Yes, it's the season of the water hose and pool! Yes! :)


  2. So with you, friend, I LOVE summer. LOVING the HOT Virginian heat :) Bring it on.

  3. WHAT SWEET SWEET PHOTOS of the girls Cuddleing!!!!


  4. The girls are too cute sweet!!!! The flowers are beautiful. Your mom has quite the "green thumb". :)