Monday, June 28, 2010


I would like do a small giveaway to celebrate my blog's year anniversary and as a small thank you to all who have followed along this year and to all those who have commented and encouraged.

In the long wait for Lizzie, I accumulated many wonderful books on adoption - a lot of books on adoption.

I would like to pass along some of these wonderful books, so...

all you have to do is leave me a comment on last week's Waiting Kids post, here. I will assign each comment a number and randomly draw to pick a winner. TM and Maggie have already commented. I will go ahead and place their numbers in the drawing. I will leave the giveaway up for one week! The winner can choose 2 books out of the list below:

not a book about adoption, but an inspirational book about Motherhood

Thank you again to everyone!! Looking forward to a whole new year!


  1. no give away needed...just wanted to say you are doing a wonderful thing here! We are home just two weeks with our daughter...adopting from the SN listing was the best choice we ever made.

    These kids are way more than their special need!!!

  2. Happy One Year Blog Anniversary!

    I have loved following along!


  3. Happy one year anniversary!!

  4. Happy 1 year anniversary!

    Thank you for advocating for Tim when he was wanting a family of his own!

    And now he has one, us!

    Blessings for all that you do to help these wonderful children find families!

    God Bless -


  5. You've done a GREAT job advocating for kids - including my soon-to-be son! And I LOVE the blog makeover too!

  6. Thank you everyone!! Mom2Four, congrats on your new son:) I could not email you but wanted to say CONGRATS!!!!

  7. Annie congratulations on your one year anniversary. I check your blog every week to look for deaf children to post a link to your blog for my members. I hope your efforts continue to bring families and children together.
    Gail Daras
    Owner of ACw/LD and Deaf-HOH-Adopt

  8. Happy 1st Blog Birthday!
    I have loved following along with your adventures!


  9. Love your blog, and all you are doing to help more children find loving families!!
    Kathryn and Emily

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary!!! Keep going, you are making an impact on the lives of waiting children, and challenging at least one person to persevere!!!

  11. Thank you for always checking, Gail! It helps so much when others share the links!!!