Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

We were at the pool today - again! The pool is my lifesaver in the summer and now...

I don't have to swim every time we go! I can actually sit in a rocking chair and watch!! Wow!

Sooo, we are spending a lot of time at the pool!! Hehe!!

One of the kids actually had the nerve one day to tell me that he was getting tired of the pool!!!! Um excuse me!!! I don't think so!! You can get tired at the pool, but you are not allowed to get tired of the pool!! Heh!

Anyway, while we were getting tired at the pool today, I noticed a little girl (maybe 6 or 7) looking at Lizzie, a little girl of obvious Asian descent looking at Lizzie, a very outspoken little girl of obvious Asian descent looking at Lizzie. Sigh!!

I think every Momma of a special needs child knows this "looking" look and dreads this "looking" look. As she inched closer to Lizzie, I watched a little more closely and steeled myself as I waited for it.

The "it" is the inquiry, "What is wrong with your hands?"

I knew it was coming because I have seen that "look" so many times before - so many times. I saw it with my brother and now I see it with my Lizzie. So I know!! Why, I am what you might call a "look" expert!!! Thank you very much!

So anyway, as I held my breath (because even an expert like me looses a tiny piece of my heart every time it happens) and waited for "it." I got ready to jump in (the conversation - not the water) and help but only if Lizzie needed help - yeah right!!

As this little girl reached her destination, I heard her ask Lizzie if she wanted to play with her!! What??? Really???

OK, exhaling now!

I then heard her say to Emmeline, "Is she your sister?"

Em gave her an affirmative nod!

Little girl, "She is your sister?"

Again the nod!!

Little girl, "Well, she looks Chinese to me!!!!!"

OK, exhaling and laughing out loud now!!

Kids! Ya gotta love 'em!

So yeah Lizzie has a visible "difference" and yeah some kids notice (and then usually go on with their play), but so many more kids either don't notice or notice and just simply accept.

Sometimes I forget, because you do tend to get bogged down in the ones who do say something.

So here's to you beautiful, outspoken, little girl of Asian descent!

Thank you for reminding me that Lizzie is so much more than just her hands and feet. She is Chinese. She is 4 years old. She is a great soccer player. She is tender hearted, yet strong. She is a great sister and she is one terrific daughter!!


  1. We are always on guard around our little "cubs", huh?! :) Enjoy your pool time.

  2. What a great reminder....

    Love the honesty of little ones!!! :)

  3. Ahhh yes! The "LOOK" know it quite well about Arlyns hands! Not that she can answer but they ask me! So I know the "LOOK"!

    Gotta Thank God For The Ones That Don't Notice! LOL

  4. Such a sweet story! I can just imagine that as Lizzie's mama, you are ready to come to her side should someone say something that might hurt her feelings... I am dreading the first time someone says something to Vivi that makes her feel 'different' because of her arms...
    SO glad it turned out well, now Lizzie has a new friend!! :)

  5. Such a sweet story. Glad it turned out so well and you didn't need to jump in...that is to help!

  6. we are adopting a son with a limb difference, I know I don't know what that is going to be like, but, this was a sweet post to read thinking towards the very near future. (We hope to bring him home later this month or next month)