Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ebay Auction

I am trying to raise a little money. Have you all ever heard of Brian Stuy?

He was the gentleman who found Lizzie's finding ad for us and as a result, the youngest picture we have of her.

He and his wife travel to China frequently and has started a small business of locating finding ads, police reports, orphanage info and so much more.

You can check out his website, here.

Anyway, I am trying to raise a little money to hire him to search for Lizzie's Police report. Lizzie was not found with a note and we really have no info about what she was wearing or what she may have been found with. We know she was left at the entrance to a building on a very busy street, but that is all.

It may be futile, but I am hoping for something, anything, so...

I am raising money. Brian does not charge much but it is still more than I have in my paypal account right now - sigh!!

I am selling this adorable Berenguer, Asian doll on Ebay.

It is brand new, in the box and the item number is 270601074348 and is listed under Berenguer baby dolls. If you are in the market for a really cute doll for your little one, please check it out!!

Thanks everyone!


  1. Going to check it out now! I know how important this is. We have Olivia's finding note. I hope that you can find some info for Lizzie!


  2. Hello! What a great idea. I have thought about using his services as well. We were given a finding picture, but that was it. I am wondering how much more info. there could be out there. Best wishes!

  3. WISH I could. Big clock ticking on the S family right now.