Monday, June 6, 2011

Blog Post Envy!

Ya know, my eldest was just lamenting the fact that he never "makes" the blog anymore.  He contends that it has been taken over by his little sisters.  Well, they are cuter around more and you have to actually BE here to be photographed! 

I am afraid we have hit that age where our older kids' social calendars are wwaayy busier than ours!  Sigh!

Anyway, I guess the eldest decided that he had to do something dramatic to get "blog time!"

Yep, he fell on a field trip and decided a nice little cut might make the blog!  There were middle school girls crying and middle school boys in awe of the amount of blood that was draining from my child's leg, into his shoe.

He wanted to keep the sock as a memento and of course I used it as a photo op, right before the dog ate it!  He was immensly satisfied and in pain and will eventually have one great big ole scap to pick! EWWWW! 


He is ok, though but did end up getting the tummy bug the very next day - and then giving it to me! 

He just looks way to happy, doesn't he?? 

So, here is your blog post dear boy, I promise to get you on more if you promise not to bleed!!!  Hehe!


  1. You make me laugh so much my blog friend!!! This is a taste of things to come for me - the wonder of boys!!! Oh my goodness - soooooo different to girls! Thank goodness I have you to learn from - hee hee. Sending you BIG hugs as always xoxo Janine

  2. So funny! What a guy has to do to get on the blog!

  3. ohhh these boys! I know what you mean- my big kids don't seem to make the blog anymore either - course summer will hopefully change that a bit! :) I love your sons sense of humor, but hope y'all are feeling better!!!