Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - I Need a Fur-ever Home!!


  1. But just LOOK AT THAT FACE! I think he is thinking that- he already has a home -forever. I am the woman with a Bull Mastiff, Black Labrador, Shaking Chichuahua, and long haired cat named Paris.Our Bull Mastiff is named Brinks, he is part of our home security system :)
    Have a happy day-Joy

  2. Annie, I don't think you have enough children or dogs; why don't you take that cutie in? :-)

    I travel too much for a dog but my apartment complex is the only one around in town (in a popular commuter area) that permits animals, so I get lots of playtime (and none of the responsibility!) of having my own doggie. My sweet neighbors take their canines to go potty and then drop off them off at my place for some love and cuddles while they go out. I'm excited because a woman in my building just brought home a yellow Labrador, my very favorite breed, as I "grew up" with two - first Sandy, and my mother got another, Mya, when Sandy passed away. I was once picked up from choir practice in high school and went to go sit in the front seat (where Sandy was sitting), and when I tried to get her to move, my mother told me that Sandy was comfortable/happy in the front. To my dismay, I ended up riding home in the backseat!

  3. Two goldens live at our house and a bunch of kiddos!

    She's lookin pretty happy right where she is!

    If she doesn't get a home soon you'r have to put her on your advocating blog ;-)