Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - The Perfect Ending

To a really beautiful day

Have I said how much I love the summertime??

Really love the summertime!!

I don't like the heat

and what it does to my hair.  LOL!

But I do love the time we have to spend together

Just doin' nothin'

but havin' fun!

Yep, it was a good day and I look forward to the rest of the dog good days of summer (see previous post - hehe)

cause before we know it, we will be back to this

and I am SO not ready for that!!

Yep, I LOVE summer, frizzy hair and all!!  Hehe!

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  1. Yep, gotta love summer and the frizz it brings on! :)

  2. Your southern summers look like so much fun! We've had a few hot days up here in New England, but it's rainy and 60 degrees today - we're still waiting for it to warm up for good. I can't wait for camping/canoeing in the Boundary Waters, kayaking and sailing on the Charles, whitewater rafting in Maine, adaptive waterskiing in western MA, handcycling on Cape Cod, hiking in the White Mountains in New Hampshire, and especially time at my grandparents' beach house on Long Island with my extended family - lots of clamming (so my grandmother can make her famous chowder and so my cousins and I can trash-talk each other as we compete for who can rake in the most clams - we get competitive!), fishing, gardening, cooking out, sunsets on the beach, making ice cream, homemade biscuits with homemade jam from the berries we picked this spring...

    Em and Lizzie are rocking their summer tans - love that glow on them that shows that they're soaking in lots of fun! They are growing up so much and their toddlerhood faces are escaping so fast.

    My number one complaint about the summer is the mess that my thick, curly hair turns into with the humidity. I can deal with it the rest of the year but it's a lost cause in the summer! I find deep discounts online (GroupOn, BuyWithMe, etc) for Keratin treatments (aka Brazilian Blowouts) at local salons and I swear by them now, even though they have a bad reputation because of the chemicals.

    Keep cherishing the beautiful blessings of summer, and if you can spare any, please send some warm weather up here to Boston, please! :-)

  3. This post makes summer look like such fun! We're enjoying these days too. :)

  4. CUTE POST!!! and that DOG is so freaking cute!!! What is it and how old is it! Not that i am ready for a DOG, but GEEZ he is cute! He really looks good with your cute kids!

  5. Gotta love lowcountry summers! Even though I am barely a hundred miles away I still miss it!