Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's Official...

I have now completely lost what was left of my Barney blasted, homework harried, soccer saturated, Fruity Pebbled mind!!!

Meet our new FOSTER puppy!

Yes, FOSTER puppy!

Not PERMANENT puppy...

But FOSTER puppy!!!

Now who's gonna tell them that???  LOL!

Please help cause I am helpless!!!  Hehe!

Know of anyone who lives "down here" and would love to have a precious little puppy to snuggle with??

Well, send 'em my way!  Cause she is scheduled to go back to the shelter in 2 weeks and that just can't happen...

I mean it just can't!!!  HELP!!! 


  1. Ha! Bless your heart! I lost my mind about two months ago when our little Daisy came...oiy. ;) Puppies are hard work but SO lovable. :) Best of luck finding that little one a home....that's not yours....;)

  2. Good luck! I bet you have a new family member:)

  3. Well, she sure is cute!! She looks great with your children!! She fits in!!

    Good Luck!!

    What is her name?

  4. Her name is Sierra and the boys are doing all the work with her! How great is that! So far so good but they are learning all about the hard work of taking care of a puppy:)

  5. Oh, my goodness, am I glad we don't live nearby or I'd want to come take her off your hands! We really can't have a dog, but this puppy reminds me of the dog I had growing up. She was a German Shepherd mix and fluffy and sweet as a puppy. Have fun with Sierra!

  6. Dear St. Ann of Assissi - I really don't know why God keeps sending you all these dogs but there must be a reason. God never makes life easy of his disciples does he? I'll forward this email before we head to Washington DC tomorrow.