Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Snapshot - It's Baaaack...

Summertime that is and we are so ready, HOT but ready, by golly!

We have made some ice cream

some really yummy ice cream

Cookies and Cream ice cream, to be exact!

We have done some swimming - with friends

and some slipping

and some sliding

We have enjoyed my Mom's beautiful yard

and her fabulous cooking!

We are ready! 

However, around here, summertime comes with a word of warning... 

I do NOT like the word "bored" and yet every summer as the kids look forward to being able to sleep late (yeah, that never works) and do nothing, every summer, about one week out, it happens!  That word leaks out, that dreaded word reappears and it drives me crazier crazy!

This year, I have laid it out for them and am looking forward to a little help around the house. 

Why, you might ask?

Well, I have warned the loafers my little darlings that if I hear that word, that dreaded word, come out of their sweet little mouths, they will be assigned a chore - a "Bore Chore!"  Bwahahahaha!!!

So here's to long lazy (but not "that word") days, summer baths (the pool), eating dinner on the front porch (esp after the house has been cleaned - Bore Chore #1), soccer on the beach (yeah, ya knew we couldn't go all summer without it), grilling out (night off for me - yippee) and FAMILY TIME!!!

Yep summer, bring it on!  My house could use a good cleaning!  Hehe!

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  1. Great shots and sounds like a lovely summer is planned! We always give chores when the kids say they are bored--but I love the title "Bore Chore!"

  2. Bore chore. I'm sure I'll be using that one in the future...
    And can I just say that I LOVE that one of your ice cream helpers was wearing her swimsuit and goggles. :)

  3. Hummm cookies and cream ice cream!

  4. Cookies and cream ice cream is my fav! Homemade? Even better! :) Beautiful pictures! Kinda wondering if your mom wants to come cook for us??? Yum, yum, yum! :) Happy Sunday!

  5. I am so excited about it too! Kaish has school until June 21, but we are SO ready for it to be over so we can treasure each day : ) The sun and the fun will abound. I am ecstatic about it!

  6. looks like you are having fun already!

  7. I'm ready for some ice cream, swimming, and some yummy food...what time shall I be there? I promise I won't utter the word "bored", not even think it! Looks like y'all got it going on! Here's to summer!

    Beach Mama
    I'm still having trouble leaving comments on most blogs

  8. Looks like a great time and I LOVE your front porch.

  9. Love it! My kiddos and I have already discussed how we will all be working together this summer to clean the house. :)

  10. Hey my's been wayyyy too long here. I'm still figuring all this out and trying to stay afloat myself. HA! LOVE the pics of your summer fun already. And can I PLEASE come be bored with you? ;) Oh it would be a blast.

    And as for commenting, blogger is not working for me friends' pictures are gone yet it still shows me the number of friends following. I can't figure it out at all and no brain cells left to do it. LOL!!

    Anyway, enjoy your summer without the "bore"dom! ;) HUGS!

  11. Yay for summer and home-made ice cream!

    Good plan for tackling the "I'm bored" comments! ;)

  12. I'm going to steal the "Bore Chore" if you don't mind! That ice cream sure looks good!


  13. Summer has finally come to MN!! YAY!!! About time!!

    We are loving it!

    Kind of funny... I don't think our new kid even know the word bored!! Yay- more reason to celebrate!! And in my little homeschool we WON'T be teaching it either!!

    That ice cream looks delicious!!

  14. Yummy, what is in that pot....mmmmmmmmm!

    Anyway love the towel shot and you all have too much fun in the south!