Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go to Disney and Help Bring 2 Beautiful Girls Home!

I know many of you have heard about sweet Stefani Ellison who is bringing home beautiful Pamela and Rochelle who were featured with LWB's and whom I have advocated for, for a very long time!!

Neither of these wonderful children can walk and they are buds, best buds and Stefani and her family decided that they needed to stay together and come home!!

After raising $5000 toward their adoption expenses, this family had their house broken into and the money that they had raised to bring Pamela and Rochelle home was stolen - all of it!!

Another beautiful friend is trying very hard to help them recoup their devastating loss and you can help too!

If you like Disney, and who doesn't like Disney, YOU can help this family!

Please go here and place your bid for a week at a resort near Disney and to help bring 2 beautiful little girls home!!

Thanks y'all!!

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