Friday, July 29, 2011

Ever Heard of Singing in the Shower??

I have been having trouble posting video, so I hope you can see these.  Let me know!!  Oh and I was um driving at the time so please forgive the quality (or lack of).  I could hear what I was shooting but could not see what I was shooting!  Heh!

Well my girls like to shout sing in the car!!!

and if you can take more...

I do love the way the Lord is stirring their souls but oh my, does He have to be so LOUD!!  Hehe!!

We got this particular CD from VBS this year and (as you can tell) they LOVE it! 

The boys and I do too but would love some recommendations on some other Christian music that we might be able to listen to as well!  I mean, I think I am marching in my sleep these days!  LOL! 

and the way Miss Lizzie says "the Laud" is just too cute!  I can definitely hear the Southern in her and I am not talking about Southern Chinese!!  Hehe! 

So, I would really love some recommendations and if you know of any Christian (sigh) rap music...

PLEASE help!!!


  1. We love a christian group called The Afters!! And the kids sing along to it too, I can't get enough of it!

  2. Lizzie's southern accent is so impossibly cute; I've noticed it for awhile and it's the last thing you expect to hear out of the mouth of that little Chinese girl - LOVE it! She is so tiny but she's looking so grown up with those missing teeth!

    For upbeat Christian music, I love Steven Curtis Chapman ("Dive" is my official life theme song) and Lincoln Brewster. I know that a lot of kids love Newsboys, another one of my favorites.

  3. It's all about TobyMac at our house. My daughter loves The Afters, too.

  4. I am going a little old school now, but I went to College with Michael from DC Talk and their early stuff is always nice. Great beat. Tom & I just watched this together. Such passion (and volume!). Love it!!! Angie