Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shopping, Temples and Progress!

Went shopping today and back to the Chen family temple.
pic by Caleb
That was fun.
Kind of. 

We got some good gifts...

some things for folks back home and for the girls for later...

and not even one meltdown!

Now that was fun!

When we got back to the hotel, we decided to venture out to the local Trust Mart with one of our sweet travel buds, Robin.
After making quite the spectacle...
picture Hubby almost breaking his um, gluteus maximus, sliding down the wheelchair slide ramp and then running Maggie right into one of the signs hanging from the ceiling as she sat on his shoulders.

Yep, good times!


Anyway, it was all worth it as we found 2 baby dolls complete with bottles for the girls.

They spotted those dolls and nothing else mattered.

As soon as we got back, the dolls were opened and promptly fed.

Loved seeing this happen

 Loved their reaction as their dolls were opened
Loved watching as spirits are beginning to heal.
Thank you Lord!


  1. SInce I saw Caleb take that photo, do you think I could get a copy? Pretty good work Caleb!!!

  2. Oh he will love that! I will send all that we took today of the Temple:)

  3. I just seeing the girls with their dolls!

  4. So glad today was better. Love seeing them with their babie. Blessings

  5. It is amazing to me to see that these 9 year old girls are more like 6 year old girls. It kind of makes me wish that my American children could be a little more innocent. Happy that it is going better for you!

  6. Precious precious!!! God is so good and the girls are so sweet!!! XOXO