Monday, June 7, 2010

It was a long day!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who posted on my Sunday Snapshot and sent their prayers and well wishes!! I truly appreciate each and every one!!

Just to be clear, though, this is about more than Lizzie just being small. To quote The Magic Foundation (a website devoted to growth related issues in kids), "Concerns for families of children diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency include serious problems relating to; heart strength, lung capacity, bone density, immune system function and much more! The entire body is affected if a child is growth hormone deficient!"

We are looking at more than just Lizzie being short as an adult.

Short - no biggie!!

Serious health problems - biggie!!

Most of the people in my life who have been "short" on inches, have more than made up for those inches in personality!!!

So anyway, on to yesterday.

Yesterday was step number two. Step number one being an xray of her hand to determine bone age. Lizzie's bone age is a year behind.

So step number two (yesterday) began with Lizzie being very upset about having to get a needle in her hand - with - out - Mousey! Mousey is her beloved stuffed animal that was given to her in China from her Marney. That mouse has been her comfort and her strength on more than one occasion - and - she - is - MIA!!! Sigh!!

However, yesterday, a medicated numbing patch (that covered her entire sweet little hand) came to the rescue!

That wonderful patch made what we thought was going to be the hardest part of the day, the easiest!

She was such a little trooper, as usual...

playing with my camera...

thinking it was fun...


they started the medications.

The meds made her sleepy and CRANKY!!!!

She was hungry (she had not eaten anything after midnight Sunday) and tired (we arrived at 8:30 and didn't leave until 1:30) and her hand was hurting and Lizzie wanted to go home!

We had a couple of bad meltdowns and then the medicated fatigue overcame my sweet girl!

As soon as the very last blood draw was done, however...

out came the snacks and yes, I had packed her a snack smorgasbord!!! LOL!

We will not know the results for a week or more, but until then, we will continue with life with our remarkable and courageous Lizzie May.

Who, by the end of the day was ready for the pool!

She didn't last long, but she gave it her all,

as she always does...

in true Lizzie style!

Thank you again to all the wonderful words of encouragement and mostly, for all the prayers!


  1. Beautiful---tell her I am so very proud of what a big girl she is.

  2. Praying for sweet Lizzie! What a trooper! Our kids are amazing aren't they!!!

  3. I want some of that strength, determination and positive light that Lizzie exudes! She is an amazing little person, I will always treasure being her aunt!

  4. Lizzie is so brave and just amazing! Prayers for quick results and guidance on how to proceed with them.

    Denise M

  5. What a strong amazing little girl!!!

  6. What a precious little girl you have there, Annie! She has such a sweet spirit, is so strong and such a tropper, and is just plain ole cute! That last video goes way off the cute scale.....that melted my heart and I'm not even her mommy...I can just imagine what it does to you! Praying about the results of the tests too!


  7. What a precious girl she is!! So BRAVE :)
    Keep us posted, praying for good news!!