Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From Online to Real Life

Doncha just love it when online can become real life?

Today, I had the chance to get together with 3 of my dear online friends, 2 of whom I have been able to spend time with before, one whom I just met and my wonderful neighbor who, you got it, is adopting again!

The kids left us alone swam

while we ladies had a chance to talk, really talk.  We talked about our kids and about our advocacy and about their beautiful ones who should all be home before the first of the year, Praise God!

Kim is bringing home their beautiful Sarah Grace

you can follow their journey here

Sharon is bringing home their adorable John Wesley

you can follow their journey here

Angie is racing against the clock to bring home their son, who ages out in August

you can follow their journey here

Jennifer has not found her child yet - maybe - but is trusting in the Lord to show her the way.

Yep, it was a good ole time and I just cannot wait to do it again!

Next time, we might even bring the hubbies so Marty will have someone to talk to, right Sharon!  Hehe!


  1. That's so special Annie! So glad that you got to share this sweet time together.

  2. So Cool, Annie! Always neat to meet your bloggy friends

  3. HUGE blessing to share this time with friends whose hearts are also touched by adoption!!

  4. LOL....yes, Marty needs some guys to talk with about tools and .....guy stuff. He was a good sport though and left us alone to have our 'hen party'.

    Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon!!