Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is it????

Could it be???

I think it is!!!

I had to check Heather and TM's blog, here and here to be sure!!! Hehe!!

I mean we do live on the coast and we do live in the South and the last time we saw the white stuff was about 10 years ago, so I wasn't sure!!!

The kids were, though and could not WAIT to get out in it! Unfortunately, while the snow was coming down last night, this

Quickly turned to this

The kids really didn't care, though!!! It was cold and white and wet and they loved it!!!

I would have posted pics of the boys if I had any!! They spent the day out in the woods building snow forts and having snow ball fights!! Me??? I spent the day washing wet, yucky clothes, cause my big tough boys can't stay in wet, cold clothes!! I mean wouldn't you be uncomfortable if the BOTTOM OF YOUR PANTS are wet and cold?????? Geesh!!!! I know now why we live in the South!!! Hehe!!


  1. Oh my goodness....welcome to MY world :)

    Crazy what kind of weather you guys are having.

    Is it summer yet?????

  2. I think we were outside by 7:30 am yesterday. At least I had my coffee to keep me warm. Glad you got to experience some of the white stuff too!

  3. Well, well! Just so you know...I didn't send it there! Glad your kids enjoyed it! I have mounds and mounds of snow left and still have 20 inches of the white stuff in my backyard. I'd be more than happy to haul it down there in a dump truck for ya! I've seen more dump trucks filled with snow than I'd ever care to see. They've been piling it in part of the nearby park and the lakes around here!