Friday, February 5, 2010

It's the little things...

Do you know what this is?

Yes, it is a very cute Dora plate but to me it is so much more! Sweet little Lizzie asked, yes asked, for pancakes with syrup this morning. After catching my breath and doing my best impression of Wonder Woman by flying to the fridge and making those pancakes as fast as my loving Mommie hands would go (picture Flash on steroids), Lizzie had that plate of pancakes in front of her faster than she could change that determined mind of hers! As I tried desperately to watch every bite without Lizzie knowing that I was watching, I knew not to get my hopes up and to stay calm and not make a big deal about her lack of eating - again!! However, this morning, this glorious morning, Lizzie ate her pancakes! She ate ALL her pancakes - in less than 5 minutes, not the one hour that it normally takes her to eat 4 measly, mommie prodded bites!!! As I sat there completely stunned, trying to compose myself and suppressing the urge to scoop her up in my arms and do the happy dance, Lizzie quietly said, "Look Mommie, I eat all my bwekfas! I a big girl now!" OK, all composure lost and I am scooping and dancing:) Just perfect for my sensory girl!!

Little did we know that when we brought Lizzie home, with all of her so called "special needs," that we wouldn't be dealing with them nearly as much
as we would be dealing the effect of living the first 2 years of her life in an orphanage with nothing but boiling hot formula in a bottle with a HUGE hole in the nipple (to allow for quick drinking)

and congee (comparable to southern grits or oatmeal but still food that doesn't need to be chewed). Hello, she is 2!! She needs to use her teeth!! Sigh! Oh the things we take for granted and don't even think about until we love someone who has been deprived of them! I know I have talked about her lingering "orphanage issues" and her sensory issues before (sometimes it is very hard to tell where one ends and the other begins), but honestly we do deal with them usually every day in some version or another and at some level of intensity or another, but every day. I do expect most of them to continue to fade away after a certain amount of time or at least continue to lesson in intensity, but the truth is, we may be dealing with some of them forever, but hey, don't we all have issues that we deal with daily - orphanage or not? From her tantrums to her eating issues, our little Lizzie can be a handful but at the end of the day (each and every day), I thank God for my wondrously amazing little girl who enriches our lives beyond words. So this morning, another baby step, among so many baby steps, and we will celebrate them all because she is our beautiful little Lizzie!


  1. HooRay. I kept my god son who had sensory issues. I was worried sick because even though she had told me everything I needed to know, I was a wreck because he had had so little and what he did eat was junk just because they needed to get a calorie on him. What a victory! Lizzie is sure getting to be a big girl;-)

  2. this is fantastic news!!! {{{}}} When we got our Addison she had no idea how to eat anything...she gagged..but she was also only 8 1/2 months old...and I thought that was horrible..but 2 years old...well it makes my stomach to sick thinking about it. Our Livi has sensory issues...lot's of them. She is getting all kinds of help. We still have a long ways to go {{{{{hug}}}}}} Happy Friday Mama!!!! keep doing what your doing...because it's working...: )

  3. Annie,
    As always, you have a wonderful way with words and made me cry. Our little Dongguan girl (Kara) will be 3 in May. Some days seem like victories, others, well, much more challenging even after a year (e.g., the tantrum-til-you vomit-days). I too often forget "where they've been" and HOW FAR THE CHILDREN HAVE COME. May you have many more yummy-eat-em-up pancake days ahead! :)

  4. LOVE this post! And as you know, I can TOTALLY relate. Jude and Shepherd BOTH have feeding issues, totally different but exhausting just the same. Who'd have thunk that there was SO much involved in chewing and swallowing those first months??
    Wonderful to hear your beautiful Miss Lizzie is eating her pancakes... um, can I come over some Saturday morning?? :)

  5. Go Lizzie go!! Yep - hear you on "she's 2 - she needs to use her teeth!" Little T took to chewing quickly after a few months of OT and now eats everything put in front of her.

    I'm so proud of you Lizzie! Keep up the great work! And mom - you are awesome!!!!!!!!


  6. I can relate too. Food aversions are our BIGGEST special need at home. My daughter is almost six years old but still can not eat any food that doesn't totally dissolve in her mouth. No meat or fresh fruit or vegetables. In fact, she only eats beige colored food. She's not starving but it's a struggle not to let her get fat because she gorges on peanut butter sandwiches and raids her sister's plate when we're not looking.

    I have a fantasy that some day she'll be able to eat a salad. Sadly, that day will probably never come.

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