Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am sad tonight. I am sad because I learned of a precious little boy (among so many precious ones) in one orphanage in China (among so many orphanages) who left this earth and is now Home. Truly Home. On this earth, he never knew the love and comfort of a family. He does now and that alone gives me comfort.

I have been following the blog of a very special young lady who is volunteering at an orphanage in China. Anneli's China Journey can be found here . I do not know her and cannot even remember how I found her blog but it has been interesting and inspiring to watch and up until today it was really just another blog that I would check from time to time. Today, however, I happen to check in after not having followed in a week or so to see the post title, "He didn't make it..." He is little Tristan. He was a beautiful little boy with a heart defect who lived his incredibly short, precious life without the love and comfort of a family. As I read that post and saw his beautiful face, I cried (am still crying) and I think his heartbreaking story touches my heart because he mattered and because they all matter and because I cannot imagine my life without the love of my family and I cannot imagine my kids' lives without the love of their family and I am sad, so incredibly sad for all those precious ones who will never know that love and some of whom will die in some hospital - alone. The luckier ones will have their nannies with them but not their Mommies and Daddies and again, I am so very sad. As I am burdened with everyday challenges (money being a biggie) I was jolted back to my reality tonight and to their reality and I feel foolish. I thank God for our unbelievable blessings and I thank God that He will be there for these children and will be their ultimate family and while Tristan is now at peace and is finally Home, I still grieve for him and all the others because they matter!!! I can never go back to my reality before Lizzie. My eyes and my heart have been opened and I can't close them again without knowing that I tried, tried to make a difference somehow to some little one, a world away. I am writing this post because of this little one whom I didn't even know existed until tonight and is now gone. I am writing this post so that others might understand that these pictures of these adorable faces are real children who hurt and who laugh and who cry and who love and who sometimes die and therefore, be moved to take that leap of faith and add another beautiful soul to their family or just sponsor a child who desperately needs a life saving operation or a nanny to love them or a school to attend and not just China but all over the world. My heart just lies in China because I have seen those faces in my apres' Lizzie reality and cannot forget them. That Red Thread is strong and is tugging, again!!! Please forgive this very sad post but I could not help but to be sad and I could not help but to post. Pray for sweet Tristan tonight and for all the others who wait.


  1. Thanks. May I include this link on my blog? (I think I know how.) It is powerful. I am awestruck.

  2. Of course you can!! Thank you Maggie.

  3. Ann, This is truly heartbreaking. Makes you wonder how many little ones we don't even know about that our struggling for their lives all alone. I really believe God must give them a peace and comfort in their little souls. So sorry Ann.

  4. I love your heart, friend.

    My heart aches when I read this kind of story. Where are the Christians to bring them home???? It shouldn't be this way :(

  5. My heart breaks too for all the children.