Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fixed Feet!

We saw Lizzie's wonderful clubfoot doctor today. She said that Lizzie's foot looked beautiful! Of course!! She wants to continue to see her every 6 months because and I quote, "she has been through so much that I want to stay on top of things to make sure we don't miss the signs of a relapse." Amen and thank you!! She wants to get at the very least another year of brace wear but optimally, 2 more years. No prob! If Lizzie even starts to fuss about putting that brace on at night, the mere mention of having to recast is enough to get 2 very cute little feet in that brace in no time flat!! Lizzie had 18 (yes 18) clubfoot casts and it was, at times, very difficult. While she never, ever complained about those casts (even in the middle of our southern summer), it was hard on her and her skin suffered. Oh how it suffered. There were times that I honestly did not know if the skin on her leg would ever recover, but it did and we forged ahead. My brave, determined little one was even walking in 2 casts at one point! I was very glad to hear how well her beautiful little foot is doing and I am eternally grateful to my bloggy friend, Stefanie, over at Ni Hao Y'all for enlightening me on the Ponseti method for clubfoot casting. I am hopeful that the road we chose for Lizzie and her treatment will help her to be pain free, hopefully, for the rest of her life. Thanks Stefanie!! To read all about Lizzie's clubfoot treatment, you can go to her website here .

I love feet pics and couldn't resist this one. You can see how much smaller Lizzie's foot is compared to Em's. No worries, good things come in small packages right? More to come on that statement later!!

Oh and please excuse the peeling polish on Em's feet!! Thanks a lot JuJu!!! Hehe!!


  1. Sounds great for Lizzie! And don't ya just love pics of your babies feet....although one of my "babies" has feet almost larger than mine!

  2. What great news, not to mention such sweet feet:).

  3. Feet pics!! I LOVE them! My husband has always thought I was nuts to take pics of the kids' feet...glad to know it isn't just me!