Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new "Do"

Like the new look???? I am not sure that I do! Should I keep it, try something else or go back to the ole tried and true??? Maybe I will play with it a bit more tonight? Wish I could figure out how to put pics in my header? Anyone know how to do that?? If only I had about a bazillion hours in every day, I might be able to figure it out!! Hehe!!


  1. I like it...I am going to check out thecutestblogontheblock. Sorry...don't know how to put in a photo, did mine because it was on the template thingy I used.

  2. Annie,

    I created my header at It took a little while to try and figure things out since I had not done any digital scrapbooking. But I found a template I liked and played with the elements until I had something that would work. I saved the jpg file to my computer then uploaded it in the header spot. Again, took some tweaking since I am not the most adept at technology.

  3. After hours of frustration and personal suffering, I hired.

  4. I like it! Very cute! Keep it! But you know me, I'm changing mine all the time. I hired someone for my blog header. I did make one w/ pics in Picassa but it didn't quite fit right and Picasa didn't give me much room to change it. My header cost 20. Not too bad. I used the money I got from google ads which is another whole story!

  5. I think it looks absolutely wonderful. I am also seriously challenged with computers so am no help to you at all.

    Hugs, friend.