Friday, February 19, 2010

Little Lizzie

So just how little is our little Lizzie May?

This was taken a couple of months after we got home. Notice what Lizzie is sitting in? It is Em's baby doll stroller! We used to let her sit in it when her poor skin was struggling so after her clubfoot casting began. While we were waiting for her skin to heal in between casts, she could not put any weight on that foot at all. So there she would sit when our arms got tired! She had some great rides from her brothers in that stroller. Picture taking corners at MOC 10!!! Hehe!

Here we are just last week. Know what she is sitting in here??

You guessed it! Em's baby doll high chair!!!

Oh well!!! Good things come in small packages, right??? There is a ton of love, laughter, determination and spitfire packed into that cute little 24 pound frame!!!! The funny thing is that my Aunt (my Mom's sister) is a petite little, black haired, brown eyed dynamo and my Mom is very tall, blonder, and grey eyed (just like Em). Hummmmmm, almost like it was meant to be:)

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