Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is how we teach the girls "big and little!"

Tazzie, BIG. Lizzie, little!!!!! Hehe!!

And geography???? Got that covered!!

This puzzle clearly states on the back, "for ages 5 and up!" HMMMMM???? Um, obviously nobody told Miss Lizzie that!!! She will work at this puzzle until she is done and she will tell me, "No Momma, I do it all by myself!!" Cannot wait to see what this spunky little girl has in store for us! I think???? Hehe!!!


  1. LOVE the pic with her doggie. Too beautiful :)

  2. You are just getting mighty spiffy w/ the block backgrounds! I like it! Very cute....that goes for Little Miss Lizzie too!

  3. Too cute!!

    Love the pics!!!!!

    And yes, watch out...
    She will keep you on your toes!!!