Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kung Hei Fat Choy and Happy Valentines Day!!

Today was Valentines Day as well as the start of the Chinese year of the Tiger!!

We had great plans for our Chinese New Year celebration today but alas, as so often happens with a family full of little kid noses, 2 of those cute little noses (Em and Lizzie) got really yucky and not fit for public!! So, instead of attending the wonderful local celebration that we enjoyed last year, we took pity on everyone else who would be attending and who would be healthy and chose NOT to inflict our not so healthy and oh so cranky little ones on their New Year festivities!!

We did decorate the house,

and we did give the kids their red envelopes with a whole dollar inside (insert sound of crickets chirping)!!!

The girls did actually appreciate their dollars. The boys' are now bookmarks, I think!!! Sigh!! Anyway, we wish you a wonderful and prosperous year of the Tiger!!!

The Valentines part of the day was a bit more lively as there was candy involved!! The girls had their parties at school on Friday and had lots of fun and candy,

and cookies!!

So, of course, this morning, I just had to give them more candy (yeah, I know, but I never claimed to be a rocket scientist) and by this afternoon we had a house full of sugar crashing, Valentine OD'd, REALLY cranky children!! Don't ya just love Valentines Day???? Hehe!! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and I must say that in a baby doll laden house, I loved what I picked out for the girls. They are called "Fur Reals" and they are soooooo cute and tap right into that maternal nature that my girls have without adding yet another baby doll to the mix!!

They even snore!! How cute it that???

The boys were happy with their skittles and starburst,

and the hit of the day which was once again, BALLOONS!!!

Balloons are just the best and something that the boys can use their new found bookmarks for!!! So there:)

All in all, it was a good day full of celebration and tomorrow we will celebrate our sweet Caleb's 7th birthday!! Please think good, sunny thoughts because if it rains tomorrow, we will (gulp) have a house full of 15 six and seven year olds!!!! Will update tomorrow, if we survive:):):)

So now I will leave you with the final thought for the day:


  1. Sickness affected our CNY celebration as well!!

    Looks like your girls had fun celebrating Valentine's Day!

    I just love the 'fur reals'...gotta give me some! I'm sure my little girls would love them!

    Hope all goes well for your son's birthday!

  2. That is so cute! Hope all went well at the party!!!

  3. love it...looks like fun even at home!