Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Perfect Princess Party!!

Princess Em finally had her long awaited for and greatly anticipated Princess Party. She has been talking about this party for a loooooooooong time!! She only wanted to invite a few of her friends because she didn't want to have to share her baby dolls with all her friends! Well, at least she is honest:)

So, I think yesterday must have been the longest day of her life - or mine - I am not sure who suffered more!! The party didn't start until 3:00 so we spent the time decorating the house and then bribing the girls with TV so they would stay away from the balloons,

and getting gift bags ready!

The cake, however, was a different story! Em decided that she wanted a white cake with white frosting and "Happy Birthday" in blue, so a white cake with white frosting is what she got. However, it never quite made it to the "Happy Birthday" part because...

It started with a small crack and then fell!!! Completely fell!!! (insert Taps playing here) In my former life I used to be, you know one of those people who you know, um, cooked for other people. Yes, a caterer and while I was not the world's best caterer, I could whip up a mean Hummingbird Cake. It was one of my specialties and was a big, yummy, 3 layer cake. I'm just saying!! Now Miss Em had been planning this Princess Party for what seemed like forever! Check it out here. There was NO way I was brave enough to tell her that the cake for her Perfect Princess Party had fallen, so I was a complete chicken and hid it!! Of course, yesterday morning, all of my annoyingly inquisitive kids began the inquisition, relentlessly asking, "Mom, where is Em's cake?" They can't remember to brush their teeth but cake, they remember!!!!! UGH!! Anyway, off to school they went faster than usual and off to the store I went faster than usual to get one of these,

and then I pulled out the big gun...

and got this...

Thank you Duncan Hines!!!

After that particular crisis was adverted, it was time for the party. There were games like Pin the Crown on the Princess,

and pop the balloon with your bottom game!!

Little Miss Lizzie won that one to every one's surprise, despite her brother, the cheater!!!

There were Tiaras to decorate,

Ahem, for the girls!!!

There was a silly Daddy!!

and, of course, presents to open.

Complete with pretty, pink soccer cleats,

cause if you will please notice the black eye and the cut under her chin, you will see that as much as she says she loves princesses, she still likes her,

and her,

Hehe!!! In the end I think Em had a great party and proudly wore her new pretty, pink soccer cleats to bed that night complete with her Tiara and her Batman Big Boy pants!!! That's my girl!

It seems like just yesterday that you were my first baby girl in a sea of doting big brothers,

and just look at you now, 4 years later!!

You are my funny, sweet, beautiful, tomboy princess and you are such a bright ray of sunshine in my life!!! Love ya, my darlin' baby girl!!

Oh and if you wondered what happened to the incredibly shrinking birthday cake...

we ate it!!!!!


  1. Well, that was just a hysterical post! That's how it goes with the baking, if you're just a little out of practice, you end up with a sinker. Glad DH was there for the rescue--I know I'll be doing the same some day in the future, since Jasmine could care less what I prepare in the kitchen (although I keep trying to impress her!).

  2. I bet the first birthday cake tasted awesome! Looks like a wonderful Princess birthday party! Happy Birthday Em!

  3. The pic of Em wearing the batman underwear while karate kicking while wearing the tiara is one you should definitely use at her wedding! Cracks me up! Good save on the cake, BTW

  4. So cute! I see the party was a lot of fun. Happy Birthady Em!!!!

  5. I second Heather on that one photo! I was cracking up!!! Glad she had such a great birthday!!

  6. Love it!!

    Looks like fun was had by all!!!

    Your little princess can really rock those pink cleats!!!!

    I would have eaten the first cake too!!!!

  7. Awesome party...
    love the cake that slumped - really looks like something I could have baked.