Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Caleb!

I cannot believe that my baby boy is 7!! My sweet little Caleb in his 7 years of life, has had his challenges. As a baby, we discovered that Caleb had reflux - bad reflux!! He was spitting up and pooping blood - yeah bad!! We got him on some meds for reflux and the blood stopped (always a good thing) but he was still not nursing well. Back to the doctor where we found out that he was severely tongue tied! The doctor said and I quote, "This is probably the worst case that I have ever seen!" Of course:)

Well we got past all that and thought we were in the clear, however Caleb had other plans! One night when Caleb was about a year old, as I was feeding him, his little body stiffened and he began to twitch and shake. He had been sick but I was so unprepared for this. Hubby was, wouldn't ya know it, not at home and I was terrified as I watched my sweet baby have his first febrile seizure! Didn't know it was a febrile seizure at the time but after a trip to the ER in an ambulance, we discovered that it was indeed a febrile seizure. He had 4 that month and then never again!! Whew!

Then there was the trip to the ER when Caleb decided that running in Pet Smart was cool, until he feel and hit his head on one of the displays. Ten stitches later... so not cool!!! Hehe!!

Now fast forward to last year. After 6 uneventful years, things were going along just fine until Caleb had to go and fall off of the playground equipment at school! I got a phone call from his very sweet teacher telling me that he was dazed and confused and could not remember his brother's names! OK, here we go again!! I rushed to school and whisked my boy to the doctor where they proceeded to do x rays and a CT scan (just to be safe)! Then came the words that you really don't want or expect to hear about your beautiful baby boy, Caleb has a growth on his brain!!! Um, xcuse me! A what on his where????? Yep, a growth! A tumour! Why do docs say growth instead of tumour? Doesn't really sound all that better, does it? Anyway, on to the imaging place to get an MRI done! Yikes, now I am panicking a bit, but we make it through and find out that it is a begnin tumour (I mean growth) and we just need to watch it to make sure that the "growth" doesn't, well, grow!!

So here we are, 7 years after our sweet boy came into our lives and through it all, our Caleb grew from my little baby boy,

to my big, little baby boy,

and what complete joy he has brought to our lives.

He is the greatest little brother, adores his bigger brothers and can "hang with the big dogs!" I can, on most days, look out the window and see my Caleb right in the middle of his big brothers' pick up football games. My little 7 year old could teach some of those big 10 year olds how to play - well!

Caleb is also an amazing big brother and his sisters worship him!! He can think of the best games to play and can get them pumped up to think that even cleaning up is fun!! Gotta remember to ask him his secret:) Hehe!!

We had his party at the park (thank you Mr. Sun) and he had a blast playing football (of course) and just hanging with his buds!

Boys!!! Why does it always turn into a wrestling match?????

Ok big brother, you are supposed to be setting the example!! Geesh!!!

Here's the starting line up,

Some last minute instructions,

then it's time for some football!

The girls didn't want to play football (believe it or not) but they did have fun getting dizzy:)

Afterwards, there was cookie cake,

and presents,

lots of presents,

but the best gift was...

What do ya think? Does Caleb look like his dog??

Love ya sweet boy! Let's make your next 7 years, um, uneventful???


  1. Oh my! sounds like he gave a run for your money! That is quite a full 7 years. Happy Birthday, Caleb! He is quite the handsome guy!

  2. How much you have been through with him! Happy birthday, Caleb! Glad you're around to see seven!

    (And my sister had seizures as a child, too.)

  3. So glad Caleb had such a great b-day. I know Will enjoyed his party! Love the pics!!!

  4. Looks like a great birthday!!!! Happy 7th Birthday Caleb!!!! Love all the pictures.